21-year-old banned from flying by easyJet because of his name
Orange and yellow storm warnings are activated in Tenerife and Gran Canaria
AEMET issue a special warning about the storm due in the Canary Islands
Police escort passenger off plane after he was caught smoking in the toilet
Tenerife and Gran Canaria are getting ready for Sting this weekend
The first week of June will bring rain to the Canary Islands
Airline is going to weigh passengers before they board flights
Pedro Sanchez calls a general election for July 23rd after a ‘swing to the right’
Overview of some of the key seats in the 2023 local elections
The PSOE wins the elections but not with enough majority to govern alone
28M: 1.7 million people are called to vote at over 1,000 polling stations in the Canaries
Spain launches new helpline to report racism following a rise in cases of discrimination
More rain this weekend across the Canary Islands
AEMET forecasts heavy rain and showers throughout this week
Cloudy skies and light rains start the week in the Canary Islands
Cyclists and scooter riders now face a 200 euro fine for wearing ear buds or headphones
The UK wants a ‘no fly list’ for disruptive passengers on planes
There are now more than 1.8 million vehicles on the roads in the Canary Islands
Navy training exercises will take place around the Canary Islands next week
A wet and possibly stormy Tuesday in many parts of the Canary Islands