WEATHER: Cloudier skies and a drop in temperatures this Thursday
The Guardia Civil continue to get paid 1.42 euros an hour to work on bank holidays
EU announces new biometric checks that will help Brits abroad
Barack Obama and Steven Spielberg join The Boss for his concert in Barcelona
WEATHER: Highs of more than 30 degrees in the Canary Islands this Sunday
SCOOTERS: Bad parking is becoming as big a problem as bad riding
The ‘skeletal remains’ of a dead body are found buried next to a suitcase
UK Prime Minister seeks deal to open EU passport e-gates to British tourists
A hot and sunny Bank Holiday weekend is on the way
Briefcase left outside a hospital turns out to contain a €64,000 donation
A ‘thermal anomaly’ will bring intense heat to the Canary Islands next week
More than 600 people have arrived in the Canary Islands this week in small boats
A sunny but showery weekend in the Canary Islands
Spain registered 30% more international passengers than in March 2022
A cooler start to the week with a few scattered showers
Moving to Spain: How easy is it for Brits to move to the sun post-Brexit?
Woman arrested after threatening to shoot planes down at airport
A clear and sunny weekend across the Canary Islands now the calima has gone
Throwing a cigarette butt out of a car window could mean a fine or prison in Spain
Fines for groups of cyclists: The DGT imposes rules for riding in a ‘peloton’