EU tourists will soon have to apply for ‘travel permission’ to visit UK
19 deaths from Covid in the Canary Islands in just three days
Brits using e-gates at Spanish airports may need additional documents
A mother is arrested for recording pornographic videos of her teenage son
The heat is on… highs of over 40 degrees are on their way to the islands
Astronaut photographs the Canary Islands from space asking: ‘How many can you see?’
Health warnings are reactivated in the Canary Islands due to another heatwave
VIDEO: Five injured in a shooting at a nightclub in Marbella
360 people in Spain have died in five days as a result of the heatwave
A hot sunny weekend with no weather warnings as heatwave bypasses the islands
Spain extends entry restrictions for another two months
Temperatures drop in the Canary Islands until the end of the week
Today is set to be the hottest day of the year in the Canary Islands
Fines up to 1,000 euros can be handed out to electric scooter riders
Five of the Canary Islands are put on maximum alert for risk of forest fires
Only four EU countries still have entry restrictions for Covid. Spain is one of them
Top Gun fighter planes carrying out night-time exercises over the Canary Islands
A 40°C heatwave is set to hit the Canary Islands this weekend
Man arrested after trying to force open emergency exit on Ryanair plane in Spain
The Canary Islands will be hot and hazy for the rest of this week