Another calima and increase in temperatures are on the way
Plane forced to land again after takeoff due to a warning for a door problem
Guide dog dies after being scared by fireworks and falling down a ravine
History is made as the Canary Islands will take over control of their coasts
Yellow weather warning for heavy rain and storms in Tenerife
A one-year-old girl is killed by 4 inch hail stone in Spain
Spain finally gets tough on pickpockets
August ends with a 'meteorological stew' of heat, haze and storms
Spain is urging women to swim topless to ‘fight discrimination’
Tragedy as British baby girl dies after falling into swimming pool on family holiday
British woman dies after falling off a steep hillside while riding an electric scooter
VIDEO: Amazing rescue by Guardia Civil helicopter crew of climbers in Spain
No. Airport workers in Spain are NOT going on strike
Spain considering limiting school summer holidays to nine weeks
A notary is arrested for drug money laundering in the Canary Islands
Weather alerts deactivated as temperatures drop in the Canary Islands
Accidents at sea: the difficulty of having bathers, boats and jet skis on the beach
Three arrested for subjecting migrants to ‘slave labour’ for 16 hours a day
‘Tourist train’ crashes injuring 11 people including 3 children
Government issues alert for the risk of forest fires in the Canary Islands