Covid update: New cases skyrocket to over 2,000 in the last 24 hours
Over 50s can now request an appointment to get a booster vaccine in the canaries
Covid update: 1,171 new cases and 4 deaths in the Canary Islands today
Moderna Covid booster produces strong antibody response against Omicron
Covid update: 1,687 new cases, 1,163 of them in Tenerife
Covid update: 1,670 new cases and 8 deaths in the last 24 hours
Covid update: 1,482 new cases today in the Canaries; 1,000 of them in Tenerife
14,669 children under 11 already have an appointment for the Covid vaccine
Covid update: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Lockdown?
Vaccination starts today of 136,900 children under 11 years old in the Canaries
Covid update: 694 new cases and 3 more deaths today in the Canaries
Covid update: All indicators increase as spreading of virus goes out of control
Covid update: third day in a row with more than 500 new daily cases
New anti-smoking law in Spain is proposed by the Ministry of Health
Alert level changes delayed as ‘important announcement imminent’
Covid update: 512 new cases and 4 deaths in the Canary Islands
Under 11s vaccination starts in schools, hospitals, and vaccination centres next Wednesday
Covid update: First case of Omicron is confirmed in the Canary Islands
Covid update: New cases have decreased over the last 3 days to 254 today
Covid update: 484 new cases; Pfizer vaccine available for under 12s from 13th December