New monitoring system shows 954 new cases in the over 60s and 9 deaths from Covid
This is the last Covid Update: 4,087 cases and 9 deaths since Friday
No more Covid quarantine or sick leave for asymptomatic positives in Spain
Covid update: Hospital admissions drop by 37% in three days
Covid update: 5,426 new cases and 6 deaths since Friday
Public Health debate about masks and Covid isolation continues today
Minister of Health: ‘The pandemic is not over in the Canary Islands’
Covid update: The Canary Islands adds 5,424 new cases and 4 deaths
Covid update: All islands stay at same alert level this week
Covid weekly update: 8,786 new cases and 12 deaths this week
Covid update: 1,790 new cases and 4 deaths today in the Canary Islands
The new Covid monitoring system will only count serious cases
The Canary Islands adds 9,164 new cases and 15 deaths in the last week
WHO gives green light for molnupiravir, the first antiviral against Covid
Covid update: New cases jump back up to over 2,000 and the R rate increases too
Spain receives Novavax vaccine against Covid for people with allergies
Covid update: Canaries starts March with 1,801 new cases and 3 deaths
Close contacts of those infected with Covid no longer have to quarantine
The Canaries end February with 866 new cases and another drop in active cases
Covid update: Active cases drop by almost 5,000 over the weekend