12 deaths and 1,682 new cases of Covid in the over 60s in the last week
VACCINATION UPDATE: More than 870,000 people have now had their booster dose
Companies will decide if you have to wear a mask to work or not
Covid update: 12 deaths in four days in the Canary Islands
Covid update: 8 deaths in the last three days including a 36-year-old
Tenerife and Gran Canaria remain at alert Level 2 and the rest of the islands at Level 1
Where will masks still be obligatory or recommended after April 20th?
The Canaries adds 871 new cases of Covid in people over 60 in four days
Vaccination Update: The Government insists that boosters are a necessity for everyone
The Ministry of Health proposes to end use of masks indoors at Easter
New monitoring system shows 954 new cases in the over 60s and 9 deaths from Covid
This is the last Covid Update: 4,087 cases and 9 deaths since Friday
No more Covid quarantine or sick leave for asymptomatic positives in Spain
Covid update: Hospital admissions drop by 37% in three days
Covid update: 5,426 new cases and 6 deaths since Friday
Public Health debate about masks and Covid isolation continues today
Minister of Health: ‘The pandemic is not over in the Canary Islands’
Covid update: The Canary Islands adds 5,424 new cases and 4 deaths
Covid update: All islands stay at same alert level this week
Covid weekly update: 8,786 new cases and 12 deaths this week