Man arrested in the Canary Islands wanted in Germany for sexual abuse of children
Two cars pulled from the sea after they ‘slid’ down ramps
VIDEO: Tourists video a boat with 47 people onboard arriving on beach
Half of Lanzarote is without water as power cuts stopped desalination plants
The dead body of a diver is found off the coast of Playa Chica
The Yorkshire Ripper's ashes have been scattered in the Canary Islands
Two emergencies at Lanzarote airport with unconcious passengers on planes
Man arrested for simulating a fraud to recover money he lost on a crypto platform
Migration centres are strained as 700 people arrive on Canaries coast in 4 days
367 migrants rescued in Canarian waters including a child in critical condition
VIDEO: The Albatros Hotel is fully evacuated due to a fire
Man arrested after taking photos of children and exposing himself on a beach
Firemen smash open an apartment to stop a man committing suicide
Emergency landing for Thomas Cook plane after engine explodes after take-off
One killed and one seriously injured as a car plunges down a cliff in Tinajo
Emergency landing for plane bound for Tenerife due to a child choking
A 35-year-old man dies after drowning in Lanzarote
Emergency landing for a Tenerife flight after a passenger passes out
Man glassed in the neck in a fight outside a nightclub early this morning
VIDEO: Drug mule arrested in Lanzarote with 837 grams of cocaine