The Irish are heading to the Canaries for longer due to increasing costs at home
Two passengers arrested for smoking on a Ryanair flight to the Canaries
VIDEO: Drug mule arrested with 70,000 euros worth of cocaine in his body
Police denounce new ‘trend’ of lying drunk in the middle of busy roads
Primark and the new luxury Open Mall shopping centre open next Friday
Dead body and a suicide note found in the Caldera Honda crater
Man arrested for setting fire to a neighbours car after a disagreement
Injured runner rescued by helicopter after suffering a fall and spending the night outdoors
A 15-year-old boy suffers a heart attack whilst playing football
VIDEO: A supermarket is robbed at gunpoint by man wearing a clown mask
National Police arrest a ‘drug mule’ with 104 cocaine capsules in his stomach
The new Open Mall shopping centre announces opening date and shops inside
Man arrested in the Canary Islands wanted in Germany for sexual abuse of children
Two cars pulled from the sea after they ‘slid’ down ramps
VIDEO: Tourists video a boat with 47 people onboard arriving on beach
Half of Lanzarote is without water as power cuts stopped desalination plants
The dead body of a diver is found off the coast of Playa Chica
The Yorkshire Ripper's ashes have been scattered in the Canary Islands
Two emergencies at Lanzarote airport with unconcious passengers on planes
Man arrested for simulating a fraud to recover money he lost on a crypto platform