Cruise ship bound for the Canary Islands registers 52 positives for Covid on board
Man arrested at Lanzarote airport with 1.8 kilograms of cocaine in his bag
Armas will start operating from the new port of Playa Blanca on Wednesday
Lanzarote airport has record number of planes and tourists arriving today
A man dies after being rescued from the sea in Lanzarote
VIDEO: Man arrested at Lanzarote airport with 20 kilos of heroin disguised as flour
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Man arrested after sneaking into home of a 19-year-old girl and abusing her
Lanzarote rises to level 2 and the rest of the Islands remain at Level 1
15 year old teenager found dead in skate park by padel tennis courts
Wanted Kinahan gang member arrested in Lanzarote
The 2021 cruise season starts this weekend in the Canary Islands
Eleven arrested on drug charges in Lanzarote after living high life with ‘no job’
Man found dead inside a house in Lanzarote
A Lanzarote man becomes the first Canarian to request euthanasia after its legalization
Irish organized crime leader ‘The Monk’ arrested after fleeing to Lanzarote
VIDEO: Emergency rescue of a tourist stranded at sea in a kayak
Lanzarote prepares for the Prime Minister to arrive with his family on holiday
Images of foreign tourists partying in a bar are posted on politicians facebook page
60 million euros worth of cocaine found on sailing boat in Canary Islands waters