The National Police increases the number of officers on duty for Halloween night
Man in critical condition after bungee jump goes wrong
Elderly couple found dead at home in their apartment in Gran Canaria
Orange ordered to pay compensation to former customer for harassment
Two dead due to kamikaze driver on the GC-1 motorway
Three women arrested trying to smuggle drugs into Las Palmas II prison
A German on the run for 27 years for kidnapping and child abuse is arrested in the Canaries
VIDEO: Scare at Canaries funfair as moment safety cable snaps on a ride is caught on film
The decomposing body of a man is found in a car in a public car park
‘Illegal’ street vendors take over the beaches in the south of Gran Canaria
Rats photographed on restaurant terrace while diners are eating
VIDEO: 9 stolen cars worth a million euros found in the Canary Islands
Male tourist drowns in a holiday complex swimming pool
Immigrant rescued in a small inflatable boat with four corpses
Arrested after caught red-handed stealing luggage from airport buses
Woman caught smuggling heroin into Las Palmas prison for her son
The Guardia Civil destroys 4,000 weapons seized in the Canary Islands
Flight delays and diversions due to bad weather in the Archipelago
The effects of heavy rains are being felt in parts of the Canary Islands
Two books of condolences for the death of The Queen are open in Tenerife and Gran Canaria