Large anti-vaccine protests in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.
Tons of brown algae is washed up on Las Canteras beach
The vacuna buses return to the streets of Tenerife and Gran Canaria
The 3 Kings will tour the city of Las Palmas next Wednesday
The iconic annual sand nativity scene opens on Las Canteras beach
Mother arrested for hitting and putting out cigarettes on her son's body
Man arrested after accidentally shooting himself in the leg
Eight more people die crossing the Atlantic to get to the Canary Islands
The tourist association demands greater police presence in the South
A 55-year-old woman drowns in the south of Gran Canaria
Criminal gang that scammed 1.5 million euros from 200 people had base in Gran Canaria
TRAGEDY AT SEA: four babies and three adults die in a boat trying to get to the Canaries
Light rains are forecast this Wednesday with temperatures up to 25°C
Dead pilot whale washes up on a beach in Gran Canaria
Man arrested after threatening youngsters with a knife on Halloween night
10-year-old boy seriously ill after being rescued from drowning in the sea
Man arrested at Gran Canaria airport with 10.5 kilos of heroin in a holdall
Bus driver arrested for running over a motorcyclist after an argument
2nd major drug bust on the Gran Canaria coast in just over a week
Drugs gang caught red handed unloading 1,600 kilos of hashish on to a beach