Man arrested for throwing a rock at one of the fire helicopters whilst filling up with water
VIDEO: 3 pilot whales appear in a bathing area off a beach in the south of Tenerife
People are trying to access prohibited areas to take photos of the devastation from the fire
TUESDAY AM: The fire now covers half of the forest crown in Tenerife
Beaches closed in Santiago del Teide due to the rupture of an underwater sewage pipe
FIRE UPDATE: The last 24 hours have been better but its still out of control
MONDAY AM: Here is this morning’s update on the Tenerife fire
SUNDAY PM: The rise in temperatures and the wind have reactivated several fires
The Parador at Teide is evacuated due to the advance of the fire on the northern front
VIDEO: See the evolution of the fire and which roads are closed
SUNDAY AM: 65km/h winds are spreading the fire which now covers 8,400 hectares
SATURDAY:helicopters and seaplanes have dropped over 2.7 million litres of water on the fire in Tenerife
Granadilla cancels all of this weekend’s fiesta events due to the fire
Worried Brits ask if they should cancel holidays because of the fire in Tenerife
FRIDAY PM: The fire now covers 5,000 hectares even though today was a better day
El Puertito firework display scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled
CLAVIJO: Please do NOT try and access areas of fire to take photos
FRIDAY AM: The fire in Tenerife is declared as ‘critical’ as it still burns out of control
All roads to Teide are closed, buses cancelled, and the fire keeps reigniting itself
7,600 people have been evacuated or confined by the fire in Tenerife